Reading Questions for the Gospel of John


Gospel of John Chapter 1

  1. Who was in the beginning with God?
  2. Who was God in eternity?
  3. What was made through Him?
  4. What was in Him?
  5. What was the light of men?
  6. What was John the Baptist’s role?
  7. Who did not receive Him?
  8. What was given to those who did receive Him?
  9. In verse 14 where did the Word dwell?
  10. Who is the Word identified as in verse 14?
  11. What was the Word full of in verse 14?
  12. Verse 18 says that Jesus is the only begotten (only God). What was Jesus’ said to do for God here?
  13. What was the role of John the Baptist?
  14. Why was John baptizing?
  15. Verse 29 has John revealing Jesus as who?
  16. Verse 33 has Jesus baptizing with what?
  17. Which four disciples are named in John chapter 1?
  18. What do the disciples discover about Jesus?


Chapter 2

  1. Where was the wedding in Galilee?
  2. How many water jars were there?
  3. Why were the jars there?
  4. How much water were they capable of holding?
  5. Who knew that Jesus turned the water to wine?
  6. Verse 13. Why did Jesus go to Jerusalem?
  7. Who did Jesus drive out of the temple?
  8. How long had it taken the Jews to build the temple?
  9. What temple was Jesus speaking of?
  10. Did the disciples remember Jesus speaking about this after He was raised?
  11. What was Jesus also doing at the Passover Feast?


Chapter 3

  1. What did Nicodemus recognize differently about Jesus?
  2. What did Jesus say people could not see unless they were born again?
  3. What did Jesus say people could not enter unless they were born of water and the Spirit?
  4. What analogy did Jesus use comparing people that were born of the Spirit?
  5. What did Moses lift up in the wilderness?
  6. Why was the Son sent into the world?
  7. What is the judgment according to verse 19?
  8. What was Jesus doing in the Judean countryside?
  9. Why was John baptizing in Aenon?
  10. What discussion arose between some of John’s disciples?
  11. Whoever receives his testimony sets his seal to this, that God is ______.


Chapter 4

  1. Did Jesus do the baptizing?
  2. What direction was Jesus headed?
  3. What town did Jesus come to?
  4. What field was there?
  5. What of Jacob’s was there that was significant to the story?
  6. What does Jesus offer the Samaritan woman?
  7. Are you __________ than our father Jacob?
  8. What will the water that Jesus gives become?
  9. How many husbands has the woman had?
  10. Where was the place one ought to worship?
  11. Where was salvation “from”?
  12. What was the Father seeking?
  13. Who will tell them “all things”?
  14. What did the disciples marvel at?
  15. What did the woman do in town?
  16. What did the disciples urge Jesus to do?
  17. Why did Jesus use food as a metaphor?
  18. What will the sower and reaper do together?
  19. How long did Jesus stay with the Samaritans?
  20. What did the Samaritans discover for themselves?
  21. A prophet has no honor in his ________?
  22. Where did Jesus return?
  23. Where was the official located?
  24. What did the official want Jesus to do?
  25. When did the fever leave the child?

Chapter 5

  1. What gate was the pool by?
  2. What was the multitude of people at the pool waiting for?
  3. A certain man was there who’d been ill for how long?
  4. Why couldn’t the man take advantage of the pool?
  5. When did Jesus make the man well?
  6. Why did the Jews then persecute Jesus?
  7. Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus?
  8. “All judgment” had been given to who?
  9. Who does not come into judgment?
  10. What four “witnesses” to Jesus’ declaration are there?
  11. What verse states “I do not receive glory from men”?


Chapter 6

  1. In verse 1 where did Jesus go?
  2. Who followed Him?
  3. Where did Jesus sit down? And with who?
  4. What feast was near?
  5. How much denarii worth of bread was insufficient?
  6. Fill in the blank: “This is truly the ________ who is come into the world.”
  7. Jesus perceived that the people were coming to take Him by force and do what?
  8. How far did the disciples row before seeing Jesus?
  9. Verse 26 says that the crowd followed Jesus because…?
  10. What kind of food were they to work for?
  11. Jesus in verse 35 is known as what?
  12. Why did the Jews grumble?
  13. What must the Father do in order that they come to Jesus?
  14. What is written in the prophets?
  15. What is true food and true drink?
  16. “It is the ______ who give life; the ______ profits nothing.”
  17. Who was a devil?


Chapter 7

  1. Why was Jesus unwilling to walk in Judea?
  2. What feast was near?
  3. Were Jesus’ brothers believing in Him at this time?
  4. In verse 10, how did Jesus go to the feast?
  5. Were the people unified in who they thought Jesus was?
  6. In the midst of the in the temple what did Jesus do?
  7. Why did the crowd say Jesus had a demon?
  8. Why had no one been able to lay hands on Jesus?
  9. What is “rivers of living” water equated to?
  10. Which Pharisee exhorted other Pharisees about the Law?


Chapter 8

  1. What did Jesus do early in the morning in the temple?
  2. Who did the scribes and Pharisees bring to Jesus?
  3. How many times did Jesus write in the sand?
  4. Jesus said “ I am the _______ of the world…”
  5. Where was Jesus saying He was going in verses 19-30.
  6. If they continued in Jesus’ word the truth would ______________?
  7. Jesus said to them “If God were your Father you would ________?
  8. Jesus said to them “if anyone keeps My word he will never see _______?
  9. Jesus wasn’t yet 50 years old but He claimed to see who?

Chapter 9

  1. As long as I am in the world I am _______________?
  2. How did Jesus make mud?
  3. Which pool did he go wash in?
  4. When did Jesus make mud?


Chapter 10

  1. Who climbs in the sheepfold another way?
  2. Who will the sheep not follow in verse 5?
  3. In verse 11 the shepherd does what for the sheep?
  4. Why does the Father love Jesus in verse 17?
  5. Why was there a division among the Jews?
  6. What feast was taking place in verse 22?
  7. Where in the temple was Jesus walking?
  8. Why did the Jews want to stone Jesus?


Chapter 11

  1. Where was Lazarus from?
  2. How much longer did Jesus stay away before going to Lazarus?
  3. What was Thomas called?
  4. How long was Lazarus in the tomb?
  5. How far was Bethany from Jerusalem?
  6. Why was Jesus deeply moved in verse 33?
  7. Who did the chief priests and Pharisees gather?
  8. Who was high priest that year?
  9. What did he prophesy?
  10. What did many from the country go to Jerusalem before Passover to do?
  11. What were the orders of the chief priests and the Pharisees?


Chapter 12

  1. How much costly perfume?
  2. The Pharisees said “The world has ______?”
  3. Which disciples in verse 22?
  4. If He is lifted up from the earth he will what?
  5. Did many of the rulers believe?
  6. Jesus spoke just as the Father ________?


Chapter 13

  1. What did Jesus pour water into?
  2. What did Peter want Jesus to wash in verse 9?
  3. “He who eats My bread has lifted up what?
  4. Which disciple reclined on Jesus?
  5. What new commandment was given the disciples?


Chapter 14

  1. Philip said to Jesus, “Show us the ______?”
  2. What was the Father doing in Jesus in verse 10?
  3. Jesus will not leave the disciples as what?
  4. Who is the Helper?
  5. Which verse says the ruler of the world is coming?


Chapter 15

  1. Why were the disciples clean in verse 3?
  2. What is Jesus’ commandment in verse 12 for the disciples?
  3. What will the Spirit do when He comes in verse 26?
  4. The disciples are what to Jesus in verse 14?


Chapter 16

  1. Whoever kills the apostles will think what?
  2. If Jesus doesn’t “go away” who will not come?
  3. In verse 25 Jesus uses figures of speech, but will soon speak plainly about?
  4. In the world the apostles will have what?


Chapter 17

  1. The Father gave Jesus authority over all what?
  2. According to verse 3 what is eternal life?
  3. In verse 14 Jesus had given the apostles what?
  4. What did the world not know in verse 25?


Chapter 18

  1. Which valley did they go across?
  2. Who was Malchus a servant to?
  3. Jesus was first led to who?
  4. When did Jesus go to the governors headquarters?
  5. Was Barabbas a thief?


Chapter 19

  1. What color was Jesus’ robe?
  2. What question did Pilate ask Jesus in verse 9?
  3. Where did Jesus sit down in verse 13?
  4. What is the Place of the Skull called in Aramaic?
  5. What did the soldiers cast lots for?
  6. What kind of branch did the sour wine go on?
  7. Who did Pilate give permission to for Jesus’ body?
  8. How many pounds of aloes and myrrh did Nicodemus bring?

Chapter 20

  1. What day of the week did Mary Magdalene come to the tomb?
  2. What was unique about the face cloth?
  3. Who did Mary suppose Jesus to be?
  4. What was Thomas called?
  5. Jesus came and stood among the disciples even though the doors were  a) shut    b)  locked  c) guarded  d) jammed


Chapter 21

  1. Jesus revealed Himself again by what Sea?
  2. How far were the disciples from the land in verse 8?
  3. What did the disciples see when they got on land?
  4. How many fish were hauled ashore?
  5. This was what time that Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples?

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