The Gospel Story

Heaven Is Not the End of the World

Nomad Podcast ( explores the topic of the Kingdom of God being launched on earth as Jesus intended it. But what does this mean for us as local communities as believers? What do our efforts look like as we attempt to spread God’s kingdom?

Some paraphrased excerpts from the podcast are:

  1. “It takes all sorts (people) to make a church, and even to read the Bible (effectively)
  2. “We constantly need bridges (relationships) being built in order to accomplish this humongous ongoing task.”
  3. “The Gospels treat individuals as being within communities (that reflect those communities being impacted by Jesus’ kingdom bringing behavior)
  4. “We need to behave as ‘resurrection’ people?” What does that mean?
  5. “Humans are the image of God in the world to create order and godliness, in the sense of reflecting God’s reign in the world.”
  6. Creation (Romans 8) is spoken of by Paul as longing to see its proper restoration through restored (renewed by Jesus) humans.”
  7. 2 Peter 3 has been a source of debate. Will the end of time watch the heavens and earth burn up in a literal way or does that chapter contain insight into what the earth will look like once God’s kingdom project has triumphed over the corruption of the evil elements of human life?”
  8. What does all of this have to do with us as believers?

This 30 minute interview is intriguing in many ways. The challenges this poses by a more careful reading and perspective of Scripture should thrill us as to what God is doing to renew creation.

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