The Gospel Story

Bugattis, Bayer, and Believers


Three quick questions will give you a hint as to what this article is about.

1. “What would the world be like if children had no curiosity?”

2. “What would the world be like if pharmacists were satisfied with current medicinal solutions?” and,

3.”What would the world be like if believers in Christ kept the Bible secretive?”



 “What would the world be like if children had no curiosity?” For the past several months I’ve been repeating the answer to the question “Are Bugattis faster than Hennessy Venom GTs?” Exasperated, I reply “Yes….(sigh)…..they’re proven to be 1 mph faster. They go 270 mph.” I must have answered that question 800 times! My boy knows the answer but he asks the question over and over again because to him it’s a wonderful reminder to me that he relishes that discovery. He also wants to know how fast each and every car he sees on the road can go. Of course, I don’t have all of those answers but that doesn’t slow his curiosity down one bit.

So…what would the world look like if children had no curiosity? It’s fair to assume the world would have children that grow to have the physique of an adult but have the mind of an infant. How would humans survive without curiosity?



“What would the world be like if pharmacists were satisfied with current medicinal solutions?” In 1899 Felix Hoffmann made the discovery of aspirin. After his work in pharmaceuticals he made this discovery while working as a chemist for Professor Adolf von Baeyer. Hoffmann remained anonymous as the inventor of Bayer Aspirin until 1946 when he died. Hoffmann’s pharmaceutical work fascinated him so much that he decided to broaden his knowledge by studying chemistry…..and there you have it, the world now has access to (ASA) acetylsalicylic acid, a pain-relieving, fever-lowering and anti-inflammatory substance. Has aspirin ever helped give you relief? Have you or someone you know who has chronic aches, pains, or headaches ever benefited from aspirin so they could function normally? …Thank you Felix!



“What would the world be like if believers in Christ kept the Bible secretive?” Unfortunately this has happened and continues to happen. Many who believe in Christ keep the Bible in the closet or in the drawer of a nightstand. Many who affiliate themselves with churches tragically mistake the Bible for more of a magical amulet than a transformative and life-giving story.

Imagine the world with children and adults who have no curiosity and you can easily imagine a world that cannot find relief even from the common headache. Now imagine the world where both children and adults are kept in the dark from the light of the life-giving Lord of the world. Chaos. Pure, maddening evil. In many places around the world many haven’t the slightest clue about the most fascinating and ongoing real story of heaven and earth.

The Lord seeks after each one of us with child-like curiosity. He’s incessant! He’ll keep asking the question “Where are you?” even after He’s found us. He relishes in rehearsing our discovery with us.

The Lord wants the world to function normally, as it was intended. He’s provided a way through the story of the King, Jesus. Jesus’ story can provide permanent relief for ourselves and the world but it must be ingested. Only then can hope begin to heal.



“God our Father, you’re attributes are like none other. Your heart’s desire is more noble than ours. Your love is greatest. We have insulted you in our selfishness and our ignorance. We left you and have become lost. We’re mortally wounded and in darkness. Please seek us in every generation through Jesus, the humblest of Kings. When you find us… please relish in Your discovery and redemption of us by asking us “Where are you?” so that we too, will rehearse it with the world.” 

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