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  1. I think our great omission started when we began to apply what we read in the Bible directly to us, humans of 21st century. We dropped principles like audience relevance, authorship intent, consistency of interpretation, historical and cultural context.

    I believe that there are many genuinely seeking Christians who only look at the Bible with the “what-does-it-mean-to-me-today?” attitude and different people reach different answers (and many are OK with that). And thus, they become “disciples” in their own way, based on their own answer and interpretation.

    And your lecture is not immune to that.
    To illustrate, I just want to submit to you that an honest interpretation of the Great Commission theme must be linked and made consistent with Mark 16:15-18. Yet today’s disciples are lacking any of those signs – and the attempts to justify that are many and wildly inconsistent…. unless we honor the principles I was talking in the beginning and admit that the Great Commission was given to specific people, at a specific time, for a specific reason.


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